This edited volume presents 30 years of English didactics research (1988-2017) in Norway. As a collection of chapters, each representing a doctoral study, the book is a complete overview of all doctoral research within the field. Each study discusses empirical, methodological and theoretical contributions, and implications for teaching English as a second or later language (L2) today.

The chapters provide models and insight to master students and doctoral students about to embark on English didactics research projects. All chapters present suggestions for future research, and offer a detailed presentation of the methodology and theoretical framing of each study, as well as reviews of other research in each particular field.

For the first time, research from English didactics in Norway is collected in one volume. The book is therefore invaluable to researchers of English as a school subject, to teacher educators looking to provide future teachers of English with research-based insight, and to experienced English teachers looking to develop their teaching practice in ways that are research-based and relevant.

Editors are Ulrikke Rindal and Lisbeth M. Brevik at the Department of Teacher Education and School Research at the University of Oslo. Both work as teacher educators and conduct research within English didactics.

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