Leadership is easier said than done. Few things are as easily expressed in grand words and so difficult to achieve in pratice as leadership. This book is an invitation - and hopefully also a provocation - to reflect on why this is so.

"A Brief Introduction to Leadership" is an intelligent and well-formulated book on an ubiquitous phenomenon. The author offers provocative ideas and invites us to reflect. The reader will get both a clearer understanding of the phenomenon and better qualifications to succeed in leadership in practical life.

«"A Brief Introduction to Leadership" should be on any bedside table. Or maybe not? It would have a much greater impact if the book in addition was the starting point for study groups in organizations around the world. By reading "A Brief Introduction to Leadership" you are far better equipped to participate in any discussions about leadership. The book is research-based and free from flowery rhetoric and standard recipes.»
Beate Karlsen (AFF/NHH) in Dagens Næringsliv

Jan Ketil Arnulf (born 1960) is associate professor at BI Norwegian Business School, and a registered specialist in industrial/organizational as well as clinical psychology. In recent years he has concentrated upon how leadership is exercised and created. Arnulf is a popular, engaging and intrepid lecturer. He has been teaching in China since 2006, acting as the dean of the BI-Fudan MBA program in Shanghai.

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