Kitchen-table Society

A case study of the family life and friendships of young working-class mothers in urban Norway

Marianne Gullestad

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Its aim is to contribute to the current debate by providing a detailed account of how a small group of young mothers occupy themselves in everyday life. Through two years of anthropological fieldwork in the suburbs of Bergen, Norway's second largest city, the author has listened carefully to the conversation of female friends around their kitchen-tables. She examines how the lives of these young women are shaped and what dignity and self-respect means to them. On the basis of this information the author discusses a whole range of topics.

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Sider 392
Målform eng
Utgave 2
ISBN 9788215001036
Utgivelsesår 2002
Bokgruppe 224
Salgsdato 27.02.2002
Leveringstid 3-5 dager

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