At the Forefront, Looking ahead

Research-Based Answers to Contemporary Uncertainties of Management

Amir Sasson

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This book presents research-based answers to some of the uncertainties that managers, investors, employees and policy makers face.

On its 75th anniversary, BI Norwegian Business School is undoubtedly a research-based school at the forefront of global research. Its research groups contribute excellent, original research that is at the international forefront appearing in top international journals while its graduates, more than any other school, populate CEO positions.

Being at the forefront requires that we look ahead, not merely celebrate past successes. This book does exactly that. It covers three themes:

1) The Digital organization, including algorithm-based decision making and management, digital labor, business models, corporate reputation and branding.

2) The governance of corporations, with specific reference to state-owned and family-owned firms and their auditing.

3) Decision making, incentives and innovation, covering issues such as employee motivation and creativity, environmental R;D, political decision making and customer experience.

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