What kind of ideas are behind the remodelling of the state and public sector, and how are these ideas materialized in practice?

In this book the authors illustrate what are the driving forces behind the huge amount of public management reforms over the last three decades. Trends and ideas of public management reforms in practice are validated by data from European Public Sector Award cases (2009 and 2011).

The book consists of six parts:
Part 1: Public Sector in Transition
Part 2: Smart Public Service Delivery
Part 3: Collaborative Governance
Part 4: Going Green
Part 5: Leadership and Management Change
Part 6: Managing Change in Public Sector

The ambition of the book is to contribute to answering the recent debates in the field:
- Why has public management reforms become such a prominent issue?
- What relevant models and methods have been influential?
- How can these reforms be deliberate changes in structures, processes and incentives improving efficiency, effectiveness and legitimacy in public organisations?

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Sider 320
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ISBN 9788215021997
Utgivelsesår 2013
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