and Other Techniques for Doing Fieldwork in Modern Societies

Barbara Czarniawska

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This book offers an array of techniques to study people on the move, and is addressed to all social scientists interested in fieldwork as a way of grasping phenomena typical of the late modernity.

Its starting point is that present times require different metaphors than static "cultures", "organizations" or even "societies". It is time to start constructing a mobile ethnology, that is knowledge about people, objects and ideas that circulate globally. The present text offers suggestions concerning the ways such construction may take.

Truly innovative books on ethnographic methods are very rare. Barbara
Czarniawska's achievement is to have produced a book, based on her wide
research experience, which is innovative, important and engaging. Shadowing
will be essential reading for students and researchers for many years to come.
DAVID SILVERMAN, Sociology Department, Goldsmiths' College and
Management Department, King's College (both University of London)

Barbara Czarniawska provides an engrossing and tremendously thoughtful
discussion of fieldwork methods for studying contemporary societies. This is
a fascinating and challenging book that gives no easy answers, but stimulates
reflection on field research processes and practices. I recommend it to anyone
interested in what field researchers in the social sciences do, and especially to
both beginning and experienced practitioners who are using these methods.
JOAN ACKER, Professor Emerita, Department of Sociology, University of

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