What has ideas of a Nordic community ,meant historically? How has Norden as a community of destiny been constructed culturally?

This book contains a variety of articles exploring questions about Norden:

1. Øystein Sørensen and Bo Stråth: Introduction. The Cultural Construction of Norden

2. Uffe Østergaard: The Geopolitics of Nordic Identity - From Composite States to Nation States

3. Nina Witoszek: Fugitives from Utopia: The Scandinavian Enlightenment

4. Bernd Henningsen: The Swedish Construction of Nordic Identity

5. Øystein Sørensen: What's in a Name? The Name of the Written Language of Norway

6. Dag Thorkildsen: Religious Identity and Nordic Identity

7. Henrik Stenius: The Good Life is a Life of Conformity: The Impact of Lutheran Tradition on Nordic Political Culture

8. Peter Aronsson: Local Politics - The Invisible Political Culture

9. Torbjörn Nilsson: Scandinavian Liberalism - Prophets instead of Profits

10. Henrik Berggren: Modernity and the Nordic Concept of Youth

11. Lars Trägårdh: Statist Individualism: On the Culturality of the Nordic Welfare State

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