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Sexology in Context

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  • Sider: 384
  • Språk: Engelsk
  • ISBN: 9788215012612
  • Utgivelsesdato: 25.04.2008
  • Bokgruppe: 214
The cultural aspects of sexuality are often ignored. «Sexology in Context» represents an alternative to the existing Anglo-American academic literature in the field of sexology. In this book, expressions of sexuality are discussed within a social and cultural context.

A lesson learned by those planning courses in the field of sexology has been that it has been difficult to find a satisfactory academic textbook. Most textbooks on the market are too medical or too American in orientation. An unwitting ethnocentrism that leads to local cultural traits being taken for universal is far too common, and fundamental differences between for instance the United States of America and Europe and its varying cultures such as those found in the Nordic countries are regularly overlooked. Furthermore, many of the existing books in the field of sexology are not sufficiently academic, and are lacking in theory, thus making them less suitable on a university level. «Sexology in Context» offers an introduction to sexology with an emphasis on anthropological, sociological and psychological aspects of human sexuality and sexual behaviour, and sexological knowledge in health promotion. The various chapters cover the history of sexology, sexual anatomy and physiology, gender identity, sexual orientation, the social construction of sexuality, sexual behaviour, sexual dysfunctions, transsexuality, sexual offences, commercial sex, sexual health and sex education.

The book is primarily targeted at students of sexology at universities and other institutions of higher learning in Europe, and in particular the Nordic countries (as well as in other places where there may exist an interest in Nordic perspectives, patterns and experiences). Other target groups are bachelor and master students in psychology, sociology, education, social work and other social and behavioural sciences, as well as students at medical and nursing schools.

"Sxology in context har många fortjänster. Det är en bok som inte bara spänner över många delar av sexualitetens olika områden; genom att sätta dessa områden i en kontext öppnar man för en djupare förståelse, inte bara i ett nordiskt perspektiv utan även i ett mer allmänt sociokulturellt/sociologiskt perspektiv. Det är imponerande att lyckast med detta och samtidigt redovisa konkreta empiriska data. Så vitt jag känner till är boken unik i detta avseende." (Kristian Daneback, Tidsskrift for Norsk Psykologforening 2009)

Bente Træen

Bente Træen is a sex researcher and professor of health psychology at the University of Tromsø in Norway. She was awarded The Norwegian Research Council's prize for outstanding communication in 2003.

(Foto: Christian Berset)
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Bo Lewin

Bo Lewin is a sex researcher and professor of sociology at Uppsala University. He has worked with the World Health Organization in matters related to sexual health and has been associate editor of AIDS Education and Prevention.
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