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Bits of Organization

This book brings together a group of the most exciting, innovative and original thinkers and writers working in the field of organization studies today.
These are writers who push the boundaries of innovative and unconventional work that is on the fringe of publishability as governed by prevailing standards in the dominant bastions of organization studies.

The academic study of organizations is in a condition of heterodoxy, where diverse methods and theories collide and compete, gathered together only in the broken net of a name. This book assembles some of the bits that break off in the process of this collision. It plays with the already contested boundaries, correct images, and correct narratives of a legitimate organization studies so as to attest to a destabilization of any theory and method that would desire to capture, reproduce and indoctrinate knowledge.

Alison Pullen and Carl Rhodes work at the Centre for Management and Organization Studies, University of Technology, Sydney.

- The readers who really want to know what is new in organization theory must read this book. In contrast to many volumes that bury old and tired topics under the title new, the collection of Pullen and Rhodes gathers full contents of the vibrant fringe in organization studies. This anthology shows clearly that organization theory has overflown its traditional borders; it reaches far and wide to grasp organizing as a central phenomenon in contemporary cultures.
Barbara Czarniawska, Prof. of Management Studies, University of Gothenburg

- Bits of Organization should be called Radical Bits of Organization. The book asks my favorite radical writers to pull out ideas that no self-respecting mainstream journal would ever dare to publish. The authors in this collection meet the challenge with a set of creative, critical directions that in a decade will become adopted by mainstream journals, ever-eager to appropriate what works for their own gain.
David Boje, Prof. of Management, New Mexico State University

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  • Språk: Engelsk
  • ISBN: 9788215014708
  • Utgivelsesdato: 15.04.2009
  • Bokgruppe: 703