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Community Work in the Nordic countries

New trends
Community work has been a part of social work in the Nordic Countries since the 1970¿s. This book addresses the development of community work and the forms it has taken in the different countries.
Building on empirical studies the contributors from Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway look at the role and challenges for community work today. Core concepts in community work are discussed and elaborated in this context.

Specific attention is given to the relation between community work practice and social policy. The Nordic welfare model is known for its universality, financed by taxes, and for its high standard. The mandate for community work within this model is discussed.

The idea for the book arose within a Nordic network for community work. The contributors have background from social work, but the book also addresses other professions interested in community work. The book will be relevant for undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Nordic countries and in other English speaking countries.

Detailed information

  • Pages: 192
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9788215015088
  • Publication date: 09.10.2009
  • Book group: 213

Gunn Strand Hutchinson

Gunn Strand Hutchinson er dosent i sosialt arbeid ved Nord Universitetet, fakultet for samfunnsvitenskap.
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