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Nordic Elite Sport

Same ambitions - different tracks
This book is a must read for everyone interested in, or actively engaged, in elite sports.

«This book provides an insightful overview over similarities and differences in the structures and methods applied in Nordic elite sport. It represents a milestone in understanding how these countries have dealt with the challenges of modern elite sport within a historical context. Despite initial similarities with respect to the structure and role of the sports movement, there are significant differences between the countries.

The book represents a substantial contribution to the understanding of how the elite sports systems have developed within the broader sports movements, and how they are positioned to deal with today's challenges under the watchful eye of the broader society.

"The book is a must read for everyone interested in, or actively engaged, in elite sports." Hans B. Skaset, professor, former president of the Norwegian Confederation of Sports

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  • Pages: 304
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9788215019390
  • Publication date: 04.11.2011
  • Book group: 212

Lars Tore Ronglan

Lars Tore Ronglan is an associate professor and senior researcher at the Centre for Training and Performance at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NSSS). In 2000, he completed his Ph.D. thesis; a sociological analysis of performance groups in elite team sport.
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Svein S. Andersen

Svein S. Andersen is a professor of organization studies at the Norwegian Business School, BI and adjunct professor at the Centre for Training and Performance, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. He has a Ph.D. From Stanford University and has published a number of books and articles.
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