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A cookie is a text file sent from a webpage, e.g., to your computer or smartphone, where it will be stored either in memory (session cookies) or as a small text file (text-based cookies). We utilise both types of cookies for the following purposes:

  • To improve the website’s user experience and performance.
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How we use cookies

We use cookies to remember your choices and actions so that shopping basket, purchase, login and access will work as intended. These cookies are deleted when you log out or when you close your browser session.

We use cookies to generate statistics for institutional users, although usage by individual users within an institution is anonymous. This allows institutional customers to monitor how Idunn is used by their students and staff.  

Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics for the purposes of statistics and analysis. Examples of the sorts of data collected in this way are the type of browser being used, where users are located, which pages users have visited and which searches user have carried out. This allows us to improve content and functionality. These statistics do not contain personally identifiable information. Click here for further information regarding cookies used by Google.

We use cookies in connection with marketing and in order to provide you with targeted offers. We use cookies to ensure that you view the right offers and that the same offers on distinct occasions.

How do I activate or delete cookies?

Most browers’ default settings allow cookies. You can change these settings in order to block all cookies, or receive a notification when cookies are saved on your computer. You can read more about these setting by clicking on the help function in your browser.