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The Political Economy of Care

Welfare state capitalism, universalism, and social reproduction
Public long-term care services represent an interesting illustration of a particular type of commitment on the part of the (welfare) state, mainly because such services tend to involve more binding forms of reciprocity than in most other services. This book explores the implications of this reality in further detail with the aim of providing a deeper insight into the welfare state as an emergent phenomenon and into what we conceptualize as a "welfare state experiment" - the case of Scandinavia. Our ambition is to advance a historical and multi-scalar analysis of this experiment by exploring how key tenets of the welfare state are changing in the lightof neoliberalism and the contemporary/current crisis of social reproduction/crisis of care.

The contributors to this book approach this issue from diverse angles based on their different theoretical perspectives and scientific disciplines such as social anthropology, sociology, social work, and economy. They investigate how changes in the welfare service-chain are articulated at street-level by the public services and at the macro level in social policy and the imagination. They also examine how the relation(s) between these two realms of social reality give shape to a variety of 'translations', conflicts and negotiations.

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  • Utgivelsesdato: 22.01.2024
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Anette Fagertun

Anette Fagertun holds a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology and is Professor of Social Science at the Centre for Care Research West, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL). Her research interests are in labor, gender, social policy, the capitalist social order, and the welfare state.
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Halvard Vike

Halvard Vike is Professor of Anthropology and Health, Social and Welfare Studies, University of South-Eastern Norway. He is also Research Professor at Telemark Research Institute (Telemarksforsking). He has worked extensively on political culture, power, bureaucracy, history, states, and the professions.
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Heidi Haukelien

Heidi Haukelien holds a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology and is a nurse. She is Associate Professor and Research Leader at Centre for Care Research, University of South-Eastern Norway, and Senior Researcher at Telemark Research Institute. Her research interests are in welfare politics and practices, gender, and history.
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