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Change Agents

An interprofessional book about children with disabilities in Tanzania and Norway
What knowledge and skills are needed to be more inclusive and to give children with disabilities a better quality of life in Tanzania and Norway? Professional helpers, such as teachers, social educators [vernepleiere, Norwegian], and social workers are agents of change in this interprofessional and intercultural field. Students and staff involved in international exchange projects, such as with The Norwegian Agency for Exchange Cooperation (NOREC), are also agents of change in this field. Whether academics or practitioners, they all emphasize the need for a new and updated knowledge across many well-established research fields due to the children's needs and human rights, theoretical perspectives and research approaches as well as the implications for education and practice. The book's target group is broad, encompassing researchers, students as well as practitioners in the global south and north.

The chapters are written by international researchers and professionals working in education, health, and social work in Tanzania and Norway. Several of the chapters are the result of a collaboration between Tanzanian and Norwegian authors, and collaboration is an important subject in the book.

Change Agents can be read as a whole as well as individual chapters. The book and the individual, scientific chapters have been peer-reviewed.

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  • Sider: 288
  • Språk: Engelsk
  • ISBN: 9788215057897
  • Utgivelsesdato: 23.11.2023
  • Bokgruppe: 213

Siv Elin Nord Sæbjørnsen

Siv Elin Nord Sæbjørnsen (PhD) is a social educator and associate professor at Molde University College. Her research interests are interprofessional collaboration, children, and young people, criminal justice and intercultural collaboration. She is the coordinator of the NOREC project Children with Disabilities and UN Rights Conventions, Norway and Tanzania.
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Mariana Makuu

Mariana Josephat Makuu (PhD) is a social worker and a lecturer at the Open University of Tanzania. Her research interests are child protection, social justice, and teenage pregnancy. She is the head of the Department of Sociology and Social Work and also the chairperson for the Tanzania Social Work Association (TASWO). She is the contact person from the Open University of Tanzania for the NOREC four partners' project.
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Atle Ødegård

Atle Ødegård is a clinical psychologist and professor at Molde University College. His research interests are interprofessional collaboration in practice and education, as well as the development of new research methodologies in these fields. He has an prof II position at Norland Research Institute (Norway), where he has a special focus on innovation in the public sector.
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