Privacy Policy for Universitetsforlaget

This statement describes how Universitetsforlaget (“Universitetsforlaget”) collects, uses and stores the personal data of our clients, writers, suppliers, collaborators and those who visit our website.   

Treatment of personal data

Personal data is all information which can be connected to an identifiable person. Universitetsforlaget is concerned with safeguarding and respecting your privacy, and uses only personal data which is relevant and necessary in order to fulfil our obligations and to provide good service to our contacts, as well as personal data required by law, for example for accounting purposes.

Treatment of personal data, such as collecting, registering, storage and release of information, is subject to special regulations. Universitetsforlaget is the controller, and all personal data is handled in accordance with data security laws and guidelines for privacy. Through regular inspections the Norwegian Data Protection Authority assures that these laws and regulations are followed.

Universitetsforlaget’s use of personal information includes all primary contact information, order and payment information, as well as correspondence and other information relevant to its purpose or intention.

Our customers’ credit card numbers are not stored by us. All credit card transactions are handled externally by authorised suppliers of payment services. By using these services you agree to the suppliers conditions.

How we use personal data

We use personal data in the following manner:

  • Contact with authors, potential authors, suppliers and other collaborators.
    This includes the use of contact information of a given person in order to provide follow-up information, contact with the person, and to fulfil our agreements and responsibilities. Personal information is used on the basis of contractual obligations or legitimate interest.
  • Contact with customers. 
    This includes processing of contact information, purchase history, contact history and support in order to answer inquiries from clients, complete orders and payment, send the products and provide services. We also send information and surveys to our customers. Use of personal data is made on the basis of contractual obligations, legitimate interests or consent. 
  • Logging of information on websites.
    We handle data on statistics and patterns of use. The purpose of handling this data is to provide the best possible user experience and communication on our digital platforms, as well as to improve and adapt information and marketing to customers on the basis of purchasing patterns and behaviour. Use of this data is made on the basis of legitimate interests. 

Joint responsibility for handling of certain data

H. Aschehoug & Co (W. Nygaard) AS is a group consisting of several fully as well as partially owned companies. Universitetsforlage is a part of H. Aschehoug & Co (W. Nygaard) AS which organizationally is closely connected to the parent company in that the two publishers share a number of services and are located at the same address. H. Aschehoug & Co (W.Nygaard) AS share responsibility for several uses of personal data. This includes a customer relationship management system (CRM). 

Storage and sharing of personal information

We do not store personal data longer than is necessary in order to fulfil the purpose of this information. Storage over a period of time may be necessary in order to fulfil obligations required by law, for example for accounting purposes.   We do not share or disclose your personal information to third parties unless there is a legal basis for doing so. A typical example of such a legal basis would be consent from you, or legislation which would require us to release such information. Universitetsforlaget uses data processors to collect, store and manage personal data on our behalf.

Your rights when we process personal data about you

You have the right to get access to, make corrections, or delete your personal data. You also have the right to limit our use of your personal data, object to the way in which the data is handled, and the right to data portability. You can read more about your rights at the Norwegian Data Protection Authority’s website:

To exercise your rights, you will need to contact us in writing (preferably by e-mail) detailing your request. We will answer your request as fast as possible, and at the latest within 30 days.

We will ask you to confirm your identity or give further information before we can proceed with your request. This could be a copy of your passport or other valid identification. We do this to ensure that we only gives your personal information to you.

You can unsubscribe from our newsletter or new issue alert e-mail at any time by clicking the link in the e-mail. Alternatively, you can withdraw your consent by sending us an e-mail.


If you find our treatment of personal data not to be consistent with this Privacy Policy or in any other manner in violation of data protection regulations, you can complain to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. Information on how to make a complaint can be found on their website:

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or our use of your personal data, please feel free to contact us.


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