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Financial Analysis and Valuation

This is the introductory book you need to understand financial analysis and valuation. Here you get the basic models and the essential concepts, and you understand how they can be applied, as well as what you can use them for.

In order to make a valuation of a business, you need to go behind the accounting figures. The authors explain in this book what you need to analyse and why it is necessary. They give you a toolbox for the analysis, which includes:

- business strategy
- accounting analysis
- capital cost and capital structure
- profitability
- growth
- liquidity
- forecasts

You need to use different valuation models based on the type of business you are going to value. Here you get good insight into valuation with present value models, market-based valuation and valuation of private companies.

"Financial analysis and valuation" is primarily written for second and third year bachelor business, but is also suitable for first-year master students, and for anyone with an interest in the subject.

The book contains a number of illustrative examples, many with a solution in Excel. It also has its own collection of assignments. Solutions for most of these can be found in both pdf format and Excel.

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  • Sider: 360
  • Språk: Engelsk
  • ISBN: 9788215058139
  • Utgivelsesdato: 07.06.2023
  • Bokgruppe: 212

Ignacio García de Olalla

Ignacio García de Olalla er førsteamanuensis ved institutt for regnskap, revisjon og foretaksøkonomi på Handelshøyskolen BI.
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Christian Andvik

Christian Andvik er førsteamanuensis i bedriftsøkonomi ved institutt for regnskap, revisjon og foretaksøkonomi på Handelshøyskolen BI - Campus Bergen. Der underviser han i fag som bedriftsøkonomisk analyse, bedriftsøkonomi og finans, finansiell analyse og verdsettelse, og ledelse og verdivurdering i oppstartsbedrifter. Han er utdannet siviløkonom, har sin PhD fra Norges Handelshøyskole og har i tillegg erfaring fra det private næringsliv. Han ble kåret til beste foreleser ved Handelshøyskolen BI i 2022.
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