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  1. Analysing English pronunciation

    Analysing English pronunciation

    Exercises in phonetics and phonology

    Bente Hannisdal
    NOK 299
  2. Writing for Scholars

    Writing for Scholars

    A Practical Guide to Making Sense & Being Heard. 2. utgave

    Lynn Nygaard
    NOK 379
  3. Cross Cultural Business Behavior 5th edition

    Cross Cultural Business Behavior 5th edition

    A Guide for Global Management

    Richard R. Gesteland
    NOK 529
  4. Against the Grain

    Against the Grain

    Advances in Postcolonial Organization Studies

    Anshuman Prasad
    NOK 579
  5. Nordic Elite Sport

    Nordic Elite Sport

    Same ambitions - different tracks

    Lars Tore Ronglan Svein S. Andersen
    NOK 449
  6. Research Alive

    Research Alive

    Exploring Generative Moments in Doing Qualitative Research

    Arne Carlsen Jane Dutton
    NOK 459
  7. The Origins of the «Regime of Goodness»

    The Origins of the «Regime of Goodness»

    Remapping the Cultural History of Norway

    Nina Witoszek
    NOK 449
  8. English Pronunciation and Intonation

    English Pronunciation and Intonation

    British, American and World Englishes. 3rd edition

    Thor Sigurd Nilsen
    NOK 419
  9. A History of Immigration

    A History of Immigration

    The Case of Norway 900 - 2000

    Grete Brochmann Knut Kjeldstadli
    NOK 579
  10. Gendertelling in Organizations

    Gendertelling in Organizations

    Narratives from male-dominated environments

    Barbara Poggio Silvia Gherardi
    NOK 399
  11. Work, oil and welfare

    Work, oil and welfare

    the welfare state in Norway

    Knut Halvorsen Steinar Stjernø
    NOK 379
  12. Plausible Prejudice

    Plausible Prejudice

    Everyday experiences and social images of nation, culture and race

    Marianne Gullestad
    NOK 579
  13. Kitchen-table Society

    Kitchen-table Society

    A case study of the family life and friendships of young working-class mothers in urban Norway

    Marianne Gullestad
    NOK 549
  14. The Last Wali of Swat

    The Last Wali of Swat

    The Last Wali of Swat

    Fredrik Barth
    NOK 399
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